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WELCOME TO THE HOME OF RELPICA WONKA BARS!  Personalised wonky bars, a bit like Wonka bars, but with a twist!




UK BASED - DELIVERY FOR ONLY £5.95 (Free on certain orders)

If ordering more than 150 bars then please contact us directly for a personalised quote

Click the image below to start creating either a "wedding Wonky" or a standard Wonky



If you want artwork producing before you order then just download the above document and email your requirements to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Watch the video below to see how you do the wonky!



Welcome to the Wonky Factory

The UK's number 1 Golden Ticket chocolate type thing that people can use at a variety of events.


 Picture the scene.  You've organised your event and the big day has arrived.  You all sit to enjoy a bite to eat and then suddenly your guests are prompted to open their Wonderful Wonky Bars - the hush that echoed around the room is suddenly shattered as your lucky winners jump from their seats to claim their prize!... what a moment. 


And the losers?  well, there are no losers at this party - they get a massive 100g bar of lovely chocolate (and it really is lovely!)


Ok, so let's get started.  Below you will see links to everything you need to create your unique Wonky.  So have a read and get creatin'.  If you have any questions then send us an email using the contact us page above.


Personalised Wonka Bar replica, welcome to the Wonky Factory! If you love personalised Wonka bars then you'll love our personalised chocolate bars! We are the UK's number 1 Wonky bar supplier. do you love Wonka bars? are you looking for a unique wedding favour or a unique party invite? you have to see our wonka bar replicas.